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Say “goodbye” to stress

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Come relax in a beautiful sanctuary and experience gentle hands-on stress reduction techniques to recharge body, mind & spirit. Energy therapies transport you to the alpha state of calm, where your self-healing abilities come into play – it’s an effortless way to enter into a meditative state. Sessions may include energy work, mantra chanting, Tibetan metal singing bowls and visualization.  Take the healing home with you – learn easy energy self-care to nurture yourself between sessions.


Suzanne Bird


About the Proprietor

Suzanne Bird has studied various Western & Japanese Reiki techniques, Jin Shin Jyutsu©, Jin Shin Jyutsu for your Animal Companion©, and several Tibetan Bön Buddhist healing practices, all of which harmonize the elements, impart a sense of calm, and boost the life force of body, mind & spirit.

Suzanne finds joy in walking in nature, sharing time with cats, and exploring meditation & the mind-body connection. She has witnessed and experienced wonderful results with energy therapies, and is committed to sharing the paths to self-healing with others.

Benefits are


More frequent sessions are suggested for chronic and acute situations.

One Energy Session

a month

…is a great way to manage the effects of stress & the daily grind.